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Solutions for Legal/Contract Management Department

Optimize contract management by streamlining every step of the process

DSSI solutions for Contract Management provides you with a single repository to store contracts and providing employees with instant access to the information they need. Once documents are in the system, whether imported from other systems or scanned in, they are much easier to work with throughout the contract lifecycle. Each edit is fully tracked and recorded, providing you with a full history of what was changed, when, and who made the changes. Completed contracts can then route through the right approvals automatically and the appropriate approver can use a digital signature to execute the document.

With solutions from DSSI, organizations can:

  • Securely store contracts while providing easy access to those who need it
  • Track all alterations or actions taken on a contract, helping you document compliance and reduce the time needed to perform an audit
  • Increase visibility into the contract process, allowing you to instantly see the status of contracts, pinpoint bottlenecks and improve cycle times

DSSI makes content management easy, so you have the time to do what you do best. Let our experts show you how.