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Solutions for Human Resources Department

Employee File Management

Our ECM Solution improves the management of employee files, providing HR staff with secure, instant access to needed information such as salary and vacation details.

HR departments will be able to:

  • Store employee files—whether scanned in, faxed or emailed—in a single, central document repository
  • Quickly identify missing documents, highlighting the necessary items not in the file
  • Automate document retention with flexible schedules that satisfy complex requirements
  • Secures employee information by limiting file rights to necessary staff

Our system provides a single location to store employee files, making them instantly retrievable for HR staff. Within each employee file, DSSI has solutions that identifies missing documents and automates document retention, helping organizations meet compliance standards and regulations. With our solutions, HR staff can eliminate paper and speed up processes while reducing costs companywide.

Employee Onboarding

Providing new employees with a great first impression means making sure the employee lands at their desk with a phone, a laptop, a network login, a chair and all the office supplies they could ever need on a first day.

Making sure those tasks are taken care of can be a challenge, especially when those processes rely on paper checklists or decentralized electronic information. Overcome those challenges with DSSI by efficiently routing those tasks to the right department at the right time electronically.

DSSI solutions can also give you complete visibility into those processes, allowing you to electronically monitor those tasks to ensure they are completed on time. And it provides your HR employees with more time, allowing them to focus on more productive onboarding tasks.

Our solutions can:

  • Track the status of a new hire's required reading, providing proof of acknowledgement of corporate policies, and identifying delinquencies
  • Decrease administrative costs per hire by reducing the paper and manual tasks involved in collecting and processing employee information
  • Mitigate the financial and regulatory risks of noncompliance by ensuring new hire documentation is complete and filed in accordance with federal and state requirements

Eliminate the cost of custom integration with the Human Resources Information System, reducing redundant manual information transfer and easily connecting data with employee documents.

Employee Separation

Every employee will leave an employer at some time. Whether it’s through resignation or dismissal, it’s critical that the HR staff ensure that all of the actions resulting from the employment contract termination are efficiently executed.

Using DSSI solutions, HR can automate the separation process activities for departing employees. With our Employee Separation solution, HR staff can:

  • Ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner, so proper systems and building access are removed
  • Provide payroll with instructions about how to process final paychecks
  • Give benefits staff instructions regarding what benefits will continue and for how long

Policies And Procedures

Protecting and managing employees is vital to the success of any organization. But when HR policies and procedures are stored on paper, ensuring employees review and acknowledge these documents is time consuming and prone to error. With DSSI solutions for Policy and Procedure Administration, solves this problem by creating a single place to distribute, acknowledge and archive your policies.

By electronically storing and distributing this information, every member of your staff is aware of the most current policies, supporting compliance with program rules, government mandates, and company/industry standards. It also creates a more knowledgeable workforce, helping your organization mitigate risk. Information like employee handbooks and security policies are automatically distributed to all necessary employees required to review and acknowledge the information. The Policy and Procedure Administration solution can also be rolled out to non-system users. Employees simply log in with their usual network information to an online version of Our System to view and acknowledge their documents.

With DSSI, HR departments can:

  • Capture and track employee acknowledgements through a single interface with dynamic reporting capabilities
  • Provide centralized policy document access to the entire workforce regardless of physical location
  • Improve employee knowledge and productivity by effectively administering and promoting organizational policies


By capturing, storing, and routing applicant files electronically, DSSI can alleviate recruiters from paper-based, manual processes, allowing recruiters to focus on finding the best candidates for open positions.

Captures and stores applicant information

DSSI solutions capture and store applications and resumes as they are received, whether it’s received by paper or electronically. With that applicant information centrally located, everyone on the HR team has access to all the information they need, when they need it, to make smarter hiring decisions.

And when our System is integrated with your Human Resources Information System (HRIS), access to all of your information becomes even easier. Now your employees never have to leave the HRIS to access our System. They can work in the system they already know and enjoy.

Routes information for quick decisions

After information is captured, our System electronically sorts and instantly distributes applications and resumes to the right staff. It can also assist with scheduling interviews and sending correspondence. This allows recruiters to spend more time identifying the best candidate for the job, and less time organizing paperwork and supporting documentation to begin the search in the first place.

Once you’ve chosen a candidate, DSSI solutions create consistent offer letters with document templates, routes them through approvals, and tracks changes by managers so your organization can get the offer letter out faster than the competition.

Provides visibility and security into the process

DSSI experts can show you how to provide visibility into the entire process, from recruitment to offer letter. Because hiring managers can easily access and review information and get a better understanding of which positions need to be filled, the applicants under consideration for those positions, and where recruitment stands in the process.

By alerting recruiters when there is information missing in a candidate’s electronic file, DSSI solutions ensures the candidate’s application and other documentation is not lost in the process. And this solution allows you to determine who can see applicant information, ensuring that you remain compliant throughout the process.

DSSI makes content management easy, so you have time to do what you do best: protecting your company and its employees, while hiring the best candidates faster than the competition.